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ETHiX can enrich ESG discussions with clients, by providing an independent assessment, analysis and reporting of client portfolios and ESG models.

ETHiX helps customer facing staff to enhance their use of ESG data by providing an overall ESG rating and showing E, S and G feature scoring for a client’s entire portfolio.

ETHiX offers users more by also allowing the examination of ESG data for companies and funds, including data from previous years where available.

ETHiX helps Wealth Managers to:

  • Provide an independent ESG rating and dashboard report for a client’s portfolio
  • Provide an independent ESG rating and dashboard report on a fund or model portfolio
  • Identify funds or model portfolios that meet the required ESG needs of their clients
  • Compare ESG ratings of different model portfolios.

ETHiX helps Investment Managers to:

  • Compare the ESG rating of a client’s portfolio with a model ESG portfolio
  • Identify high and low ESG-rated holdings within their client’s portfolio
  • Investigate how the ESG rating of their client’s portfolio changes following the disposal or acquisition of holdings
  • Customise a client’s portfolio to reflect their ESG views and priorities.

ETHiX helps ESG Fund Managers to:

  • Provide an independent ESG rating on a fund or model portfolio
  • Compare ESG ratings of different funds or model portfolios
  • Examine historic ESG data for selected companies and funds
  • Illustrate how the ESG rating of a fund or model portfolio would changes by rebalancing its holdings.
ESG investment principles are raised in one fifth of client conversations.
Nextwealth ESG Tracker Study
April 2021
“Now is the time to focus on reporting ESG ratings on client portfolios.”
Investment Manager
Private Bank
"There is an increasing importance for understanding the ESG credentials of key funds.”
ESG Fund Manager
Wealth Management Firm
“The ability to clearly discuss ESG with a client and relate it to their portfolio holdings is priceless.”
Investment Manager
Wealth Management Firm
"While there is no data standardization for ESG, having a tool that is ‘data vendor agnostic’ allows us to choose the data that best suits us.”
Investment Manager
Wealth Management Firm

ETHiX was created using the knowledge of a number of industry experts.

Draws on customer expertise and knowledge

FSL undertook extensive research with both their own customers and non-customers. ETHiX was developed by our innovation hub to ensure comprehensive functionality and ease of use.

Draws on FSL expertise and knowledge

ETHiX draws on FSL’s expertise in developing “What-If scenario” tools and, in particular, optimiser algorithms that assist with decision making.

FSL’s expertise in tax calculation software allowed for the development of a link between the ETHiX tool and FSL’s tax calculation tool CGiX, to offer clients the ability to understand the Capital Gains Tax liability of their ESG “What-If scenarios”.

Draws on ESG specialist knowledge

FSL worked closely with a number of specialist ESG data vendors to ensure that the tool was data vendor agnostic and compatible with many ESG data specifications.

Embodies FSL’s commitment to ESG

ETHiX was developed through the innovation hub Thought Train as FSL sought to create a product that would embody its own commitment to ESG.