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ETHiX is a feature-rich solution that has been designed to meet the needs of modern ESG investing.

User friendly interface

  • Portfolio details can be uploaded via a simple CSV file or via API from the company’s own system. Details of ESG models can be stored on the tool for easy access.
  • Portfolio reports and data can be exported and shared.
  • ETHiX was created in conjunction with a major wealth management firm to ensure comprehensive functionality and ease of use.
  • Users are able to drill into company and fund level ESG ratings.

Clear ESG reporting

  • All the data available via the data feed can be seen against a client’s portfolio holdings.
  • A dashboard shows overall scores for ESG and sub features in charts.
  • Scoring is weighted, based on the value of holdings within the portfolio.
  • The detailed holdings table can be customised to show all available data points.

ESG Model Analysis

  • Instead of loading and analysing a client’s portfolio, it is possible to run the analysis on an ESG investment model.
  • ESG investment model can be uploaded to the tool, providing ratio splits for each holding.
  • A comparison of model and clients portfolio ESG ratings can be created.

What-if functionality

  • What-if functionality offers the ability to rebalance your client’s portfolio based on their preferred ESG criteria.
  • With manual adaptations, the user chooses the securities to add or subtract and sees the impact.
  • With optimiser functionality, the user states their objective or priorities and an algorithm offers optimal changes to meet these objectives.
ESG investment principles are raised in one fifth of client conversations.
Nextwealth ESG Tracker Study
April 2021
“Now is the time to focus on reporting ESG ratings on client portfolios.”
Investment Manager
Private Bank
"There is an increasing importance for understanding the ESG credentials of key funds.”
ESG Fund Manager
Wealth Management Firm
“The ability to clearly discuss ESG with a client and relate it to their portfolio holdings is priceless.”
Investment Manager
Wealth Management Firm
"While there is no data standardization for ESG, having a tool that is ‘data vendor agnostic’ allows us to choose the data that best suits us.”
Investment Manager
Wealth Management Firm


ETHiX’s intuitive interface offers an exceptional user experience from start to finish.

1. Choose data option


  • OWL data covers more than 25,000 organisations and is continuously increasing.
  • The data also includes over 150,000 fund ratings. This ensures that as many holdings as possible within a client’s portfolio will have a score and can be included in the analysis and rating calculations.

Data agnostic

  • Users can configure, calculate and analyse any ESG data they choose.
  • ETHiX has been tested and verified with many ESG data vendors.

2. Upload client portfolio details

3. Analyse client’s portfolio

4. Examine ESG data on companies & funds

5. Produce comparison with ESG model portfolios

6. Run What-if scenarios.