ESG In The News

“ESG in the News” is a regular series of articles containing recent ESG news headlines that we think are worth sharing.

After recent controversy surrounding Tesla’s emission from the S&P 500 Index, this edition examines headlines regarding ESG metrics and the accuracy of ESG ratings in measuring an organisations sustainability and environmental impact…

The Wall Street Journal questions: Are ESG Ratings Purely Subjective? Are They Fair?

The Financial Times reports: Regulators take aim at ESG ratings in fight against greenwashing

Responsible Investor announces: Chair of the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority voices concerns over ESG ratings.

Bloomberg states: Tesla’s Removal From S&P Index Sparks Debate About ESG Ratings 

Research by The London Business School indicates: ESG metrics prove inconsistent


ESG Surveys are also an interesting topic prominent in the headlines…

IFA Magazine reveals: Investors ‘overly reliant’ on ESG ratings

Investment Week discloses: Survey: Greenwashing concerning but not a deterrent to impact investing

Wealth Adviser declares: Two-thirds of investors globally prefer using active funds to integrate ESG

Edie tells us: Two-thirds of investors don’t think businesses are disclosing high-quality ESG information

That concludes our roundup of the ESG in the News for this month.  Look out for our next edition coming soon.